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Health / ACA Certified

I think we can all agree that health insurance can be one of the most complex, but important policies an individual can carry. Depending upon your policy selection, you can have part, a percentage, or all of a doctor's visit covered. Certain types of visits can be covered while others are not, even if medically necessary. Injuries and illnesses can be treated differently. Planned medical changes such as pregnancy or gastric bypass can be partially or completely excluded. And so on. Selecting a health insurance policy is not something you want to do alone. It is best to have an expert by your side.

And if you think you may qualify for reduced health care plans through the Affordable Care Act (ACA or more casually referred to as ObamaCare), the team at BRBG is ACA Certified to help you navigate those difficult waters as well.

  • US legislation continues to change the insurance requirements and benefits offerings for all US citizens, not just those in the lower income brackets.
  • Health insurance premiums are known to increase by up to 40% with little notice, so shopping around often is a smart way to keep costs down.
  • Keep track of your yearly deductible. Scheduling appointments smartly before a deductible resets can save you thousands.
  • Find a doctor you trust and who will work with you and your insurance company, so you don't ever feel like you are sacrificing care for dollars.