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Everywhere you look, car insurance companies are saying they can offer you 15% discount if you switch to their auto insurance. We also appreciate a good deal, but what are you sacrificing for that discount? BRBG can help you find the right car insurance policy for your needs, whether that includes saving you 10% - 30% with a higher deductible or getting you larger lower-deductible coverage that covers more with better customer service when you do need it.

  • Each US state has its own requirements on insurance, including Connecticut and New York
  • Depending on the policy, auto insurance can be limited to covering the car damaged by a policy holder, the damage on both cars, the medical bills of someone injured in an accident, fire, theft and even a non-primary driver borrowing your car
  • Additions can be included in your policy like roadside service, rental car costs, and non-accident related windshield damage
  • Not every policy covers you against theft, fire, and acts-of-god, such as a tree branch falling